Day 476: Losing things

Day 476:

I dug into a chamber that, based on the age of the broken tools abandoned there and the torches I left behind, I started mining a few days ago.

I don’t remember anything about it, though I do recognize the tools. In fact, I’d wondered where they’d gone.

I think there’s some kind of bad spirit about this particular set of chambers.

In the past, bad spirit has meant everything from unstable to deadly to haunted. (And haunted, in turn, has meant everything from “being driven out by someone” to “scientific explanation found later” to “totally unexplained”.)

If I had to guess, i’d bet fumes of some sort, but not the standard carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide/methane/sulfur kind. There’s no scent. My torches aren’t flaring. I’m not coming out with any reddish kind of hue to my skin like I’d get with some fumes. And I’ve been pretty deeply trained in recognizing the symptoms of most of the frequently-found fumes because, well, one never knows when one might rip their suit.

So it’s a mystery, but not the type I want to solve. The type I want to run away from. I’m clearing out of here for the next few days to rest my head, and then I’ll see what’s next on the agenda.