Day 477: Tons of red rock

Day 477:

Okay, so I’m going to have to do something with this red rock soon because it’s taking too much space up.

I tried lighting it on fire, that didn’t do anything.

Hitting it causes a spark, but some experimentation shows that the spark isn’t enough to light paper. Not sure about gas, don’t plan to experiment with gas. Gas explosions bad.

So maybe I could use it as a switch?

The Company’s electronics were always going bad so I know some very rudimentary electrical engineering, but we’re talking like super super basic stuff at the level of “make sure the power’s off before changing the light bulb”.

But electricity uses… well.. circuits… and I’m decent at plumbing circuits… they can’t be too different… On the other hand, can’t make wire out of the red rock.

Maybe if I line up the powder thick enough it’ll carry a spark?

Investigation to come!