Day 538: Fiery and wet

Day 538:

So this morning I came out the door to discover three zombies and a skeleton were waiting for me under the cover of the nearby trees.

I’m not saying that a closed circuit camera system would have saved me, but it would’ve been nice.

Anyway, they jumped me, but I escaped into the sunlight, where they caught fire and jumped me again, so I jumped in the river, and they jumped in, and I climbed out and chopped them to pieces from the shore.

It was messy.

And we don’t have a whole lot of scavenger fish in this river, or they haven’t developed a taste for zombie flesh or skeleton bones. I mean, not that I can blame them for avoiding eating the undead for lunch, but on the other hand, free meat.

It wouldn’t have stopped the carp where I grew up.

Anyway, when I was done battling the undead hordes I spent the day landscaping around that lake to make it more obvious so I don’t dig into its side again.

Gardening: the perfect companion to zombie fighting.