Day 570: Climbing hills

Day 570:

I’m most of the way up what I thought was a big hill only to discover that compared to its neighbor it’s a little hill. Also, the lake I found turned out to be much higher in elevation than I originally thought.

It’s easy to eyeball elevation when you’re comparing a big hill to a flat plain, or a mountain to a big hill. It’s a bit harder to say “is this lake 3 meters above that other lake?”

Also, these lakes don’t seem to have feeder streams or things that empty them out, which is… well… weird. So weird I feel compelled to fix it. But I haven’t figured out how yet. It seems odd to dig a trench for a lake that until now seems to have gotten along just fine without me. On the other hand, water that doesn’t move eventually turns into primordial sludge, which given enough time and evolutionary pressure, turns into predatory lending corporations, so it’s best to get the water moving now.