Day 574: vegetable bin

Day 574:

I’ve got a big bin where I keep my vegetables — carrots, potatoes, wheat seeds for storage, stuff like that. It’s full to capacity now, because I just brought in everything that was growing in my garden.

I was keeping it outside, but the animals kept trying to break into it, so now it takes up space in my bedroom. That’s okay, but it’s not great, because I tend to pile things on top of the bin during the day…. it makes a pretty decent table… and then at night when I’m hungry or I want to feed the animals, I have to clear the whole mess off so I can get into it.

Maybe that’s why refrigerators always opened forward instead of on top? So we wouldn’t drive ourselves crazy with our bad habits?

I wrote that in past tense, like refrigerators don’t exist anymore… I have to remind myself sometimes that all those things do still exist, just not here.

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