Day 599: The llamas are back!

Day 599:

The llamas are back! And this time they were accompanied by a man – humanoid at least. He was holding their leashes. (Are they called leashes when they’re on llamas?) The llama man turned out to have a limited vocabulary of mostly “Huh?” and “Ahhh” but between his hand gestures and mine I figured out he was some sort of trader. He wouldn’t come inside, but he was willing to trade some of my emeralds for what appears to be dye — black and hot pink!

I can make colorful socks, folks! This is amazing!

Of course, now it means that I have to cut the wool off the sheep again to dye it…

Anyway, that wasn’t the only amazing thing. As dark was falling I tried to invite the trader in again, to keep him safe, and he shook his head no. He pulled out a bottle from his cloak and drank it… and disappeared.

I kid you not.

Freakin’ disappeared, invisible except for the llama leashes.

So it was him! Or someone like him! Who visited me the last time!

If there was ever a day that made me think the falling cow gave me a concussion it was this one.