Day 627: is it enough?

Day 627:

I’m hauling as much sand out of the river as I can, but is it enough? The next place I’m going to find sand will likely be far from here, and that’s a problem if this isn’t enough to hold me until then.

It probably won’t be enough.

I’m running all of my furnaces full-time back at the caves to melt down the sand into glass and get it into a storable format because having bags of sand lying round when exploding giraffe-corgis like to sneak up on you is a good way to lose all your sand.

So it’s freezing in the water all day and hot in the caves all night. Plus, the duckens like my body heat so they’re crowding me if I try to sleep lower in the caverns than my furnace.

I hope this is enough. I hope it’s worth it.