Day 649: another night

Day 649:

Despite how tired I was, I dug through the night once again. I’ve hauled up enough ore at this point to buy my own moon somewhere nice, if putting this much ore into the system wouldn’t flood the market.

There are a few zombies in this cave but nothing I can’t deal with. The bigger problem is that a lot of the holes lead to deeper holes, and then I forget where I am and how to get out. If I mapped this cavern I’d have all kinds of mess. I should connect it to one of my others and build floors but I’m so tired.

I spent the day putting together shovels and pickaxes so I could go back to work. But this time I’m really going to go to bed and get some sleep. It’s barely even sundown and I’m having trouble staying awake to finish this post.

I hope you’re sleeping well, whoever and wherever you are.