Day 661: holidays

Day 661:

It occurs to me that I’ve been here long enough at this point that I’ve missed years of major holidays. Planetary Independence Day has come and gone at least twice. New Year’s, obviously, at least two. And forget all the Earth-time-based holidays, since without a conversion calendar I have no idea what day it is on the home planet these days.

It’s always spring here, always just early June where it’d be nice to have a jacket in the middle of the night but not so hot during the day that I want to strip naked. (Which is really good considering the monsters.

And I think without the seasons change or the ship-based reminders, it’s just really hard to keep track of the date.

(Plus I’m still not sure this isn’t all a hallucination.)

It doesn’t feel like solstice, but this planet might not have a solstice.

It’s just really odd.