Day 676: Under the river

Day 676:

I’m currently writing this from under a river.

I was mining the river for sand when I came across a vein of granite. So of course if you’ve been paying any attention you know I’m going after that granite vein.

One of the things I’m decent at is setting up a makeshift roof under a body of water — usually the sea, in my case, but a river will do. (Rivers and seas have their own challenges , as do any mining operations involving water.)

Anyway, I created a little cavern under the riverbed and above the vein of ore… and started mining it… and lost track of time…

So here I am under the river and my makeshift watch says it’s well past dark, so leaving isn’t really an option. I have food, and some fresh water (and a river above me I can carefully get some from if I need it) and a few torches and my notebook, but this wasn’t exactly the way I was planning to spend the night.

As an added bonus, I can hear zombies. I don’t know why I can hear zombies, but I can hear them. Which means no sleep tonight.