Day 731: And down again

Day 731:

Having dug up to almost below my house to extract some very nice granite, I’ve dug back down toward the core, still looking for diamonds. Nothing yet, except I found another of those amazingly big holes / chasms / etc.

Actually, it’s probably the same chasm, since it runs the same east-west direction as most of my  mining caverns.

Anyway, I’m at the top of it and there’s no safe way to go down into the chasm without rope or ladders or something that I don’t have in enough quantities to make it safe.

And a spotter. It would be really nice if just once I had a spotter here that wasn’t shooting at me or yelling groans at me in a tone that implied the impending removal of my limbs.

As far as caving goes, this place is sub-par in short.

Although since nothing here appears to poop, at least I haven’t had to remove a single piece of guano yet, and that’s… actually a really big positive now that I think about it.