Day 734: cover up

Day 734:

I went back down into the mine today because diamonds are not going to dig themselves.

At first it was hard, but then I got to swinging my pickaxe and clearing the rubble and laying floor and the monotony of it took my mind off what happened a few days ago.

I mean, not totally, the nightmares were still clawing at the back of my mind’s eye, but the monotony helped. The fact that I’ve done probably thousands of hours digging here helped. The exploding giraffe corgi that tried to blow me through the roof, strangely, helped.

So the ravine is now covered by floor and nothing can climb into the current cavern and fall a gazillion meters to its death anymore.

And I found a vein of granite that goes up, so I’m digging up again… which I really should stop doing, because those diamonds aren’t going to mine themselves.