Day 735: still up

Day 735:

I’m still digging up.

I’m also still awake after I don’t know how many hours straight.

Sleep isn’t working right now, which I guess isn’t a surprise. Traumatic event, weird biorhythms, stress, etc.

But I was kind of hoping I was doing enough digging to convince my body it needed a repair cycle.

Either I’m in such good shape that I don’t need the sleep yet, or I’m in such bad shape that my body can no longer tell when I need sleep.

I’m hoping it’s the first one, and I’m chasing this vein of granite toward the sky.

Obviously if I hit the outside world I’ll have to go take a nap — or at least leave the mine until I can block it off — because the monsters run thick on the grass layer at night.

But for now, I dig and worry, worry and dig.