Day 738:Counts

Day 738.

0 diamonds today.

15 zombies.

3 exploding giraffe-corgis, one of which exploded before I got too shooting it.

1 really big bruise in my hip where the explosion knocked me on my butt.

4 skeletons shooting at me, 1 recovered bow from the mean skeletons.

1 song from long ago stuck in my head all day. Instrumental, both fortunately and unfortunately, because I can type la da da la da da la de de de de in here and studies show you won’t know the tune… so it won’t get stuck in your head (unless perhaps you are future me reading this in which case it might) but also I can’t ask anyone what it’s called because there are no words for you to hear to identify it.

Maybe the explosion rattled something loose in my brain.

Or maybe this is still all a fever dream and the music is being played next to my bed in whatever coma ward I’m in.

May never be able to tell.