Day 739: Migration

Day 739:

While we’re talking about numbers, the duckens in the map room keep changing numbers.

Sometimes I go through there and there’s, like, five.

Other times I go through and there’s at least fifty, sometimes more.

Where do they go? What do they do when they’re not in the map room?

For that matter, why the heck are they hanging out in the map room, other than the obvious “because I have all the other door locked”?

I’m not sure, and in part that’s because my being around seems to change their behavior… when I’m around there seem to be more of them. Probably looking for a handout of grain. But that means I can’t exactly stalk my poultry to find out what they’re doing.

Anyway, it’s a thing I’m keeping my eye on. Always good to know where the food is wandering to, and why it’s not where you left it.