Day 768: duckens keep stealing my minecarts

Day 768:

Since I’ve got the borders mapped and know what I need to do to get the sand efficiently (take down a mountain), I’m falling back to a more western place to sleep. I should number them or something for posterity so these log entries make sense. (But not right now. That will require map drawing for the book here and this particular log is almost empty so there’s not enough space.)

I’ve been using the two small rail systems I set up to get from my home base to the easternmost parts of the complex. Problem is that, lacking any kind of switch or wiring, my “brakes” have mostly been ramming into a dirt pile at the end of the tracks.

And now the duckens like to jump into the mine carts while I’m not around and ride them back and forth, which as you can imagine means they’re never where I expect them to be.

I’ve been designing a button switch and a wire which I think will keep the rails unpowered (at least at the ends) so that I can count on my stuff being where i left it. Might try it out tomorrow.

Tonight I had a meal of lamb and fresh veggies, then took a hot bath, and I feel good. Now it’s time to sleep.