Day 793: The view from up high

Day 793:

Spent the morning chipping away at the mountain again.

For fun (and to remember what I was up against) I climbed up to the peak and looked around again.

The mountain is more like a plateau up that high, which is good, because it means the hill will slope that much father and I might still have something that qualifies as a “mountain” when I get up there.

Also, a sheep fell off a cliff and clipped me with a fast-moving hoof before splattering all over the hill.

It was gross. But I did save the wool because wool is not easy to get.

And some of the less-mangled meat. This sounds horrible but I figure it’s already tenderized so it shouldn’t be wasted.

ANYWAY, back to lighter fare: here’s a picture looking north from the mountain peak. If the next northernmost mountain wasn’t in the way I might be able to see the village I will eventually get to up there.

A grassy plateau with snow-covered peaks to the left and right, with scattered pine and oak trees.