Day 795: A sturdier horse in moonlight

Day 795:

I spent the day mining the mountain. Most of the time I climb to a high point and dig down until I’ve cleared enough of the hill that it’s sloping gently down instead of deadly sheep-dropping cliff face.

I lost track of time at the end of the day and happened to find myself at the peak of the mountain just in time to take a picture of moonrise when I was photobombed by a non-skeletal horse.

It’s been a long time since I saw an actual horse here, so it was both surprising and a bit pleasing.

This one was definitely not tame and stayed far away from me.

A small part of me wonders if when skeleton horses die they come back as normal horses, and this was my horse coming back to say goodbye.

Not my lizard brain though; it says OH GOOD SKELETON HORSE GONE.

A black horse at the snow-covered peak of a mountain, with the moon rising at the edge of the horizon.