Day 168: Sunless

Day 168:

Sometimes when you get sucked into something, you get sucked in all the way.

I’ve been digging toward the mountain, but I’ve found so much ore lately that I’ve been at the depth of the planet. Below is only bedrock, pretty much useless to try to dig through. Above is a whole lot of nothing, as I’m at the bottom of that long chasm I found ages ago.

So there’s a lot of dark, and cold, and damp.

It’s not so cold that I need to make a jacket, and in fact I’m pretty good at judging when I’m near a pocket of lava just by the change in temperature in the space. (The popping noises don’t hurt either.) I’ll admit I’ve been known to stand in one of the hot spaces longer than is probably healthy just to warm up and dry off occasionally. So far I haven’t succumbed to any poisonous gasses.

The sky is so far away that sometimes I forget what the sun looks like, which is why days like yesterday when I harvested sand instead are so important.

I’m back down in the dark today, missing the sun. Wondering if this ore is so important. Wondering if I shouldn’t just get to that mountain and build myself a nice castle and settle down to ducken farming for the rest of my life.

Watercolor of a chamber with a bedrock floor and grey walls, filled with leather sacks that are tied off at the top.
Lots of bags of rocks down here, and I get to haul them all back up to the surface myself.

Day 167: Sand and explosions.

Day 166:

At least when the giraffe corgi monsters explode behind me while I’m digging up sand, they blow most of the sand onto the beach where it’s easier for me to pick up later.

You know, later, after I’ve regained consciousness.

Been a rough day, is what I’m saying.

Drawing of a simple pocket watch. The face has a moon at the 12 position, a half-risen sun at the 3 position, a full sun at the 6 position, and a half-risen moon at the 9 position. It also only has one hand.

Day 166: Landscaping

Day 165:

I’ve been cleaning a lot of the brush and doing a bit of rounding out the hills nearby. It seems spurious work, since it doesn’t put ducken on the table or gold in my pocket, but it’s more of a safety thing. I prefer to be able to see the exploding giraffe-corgis before they get to me.

Plus, the dirt’s a handy thing to have around if I need to protect myself from a significant amount of flooding or something like that. Dirt is surprisingly hard to get underground. Rock? No problem. Gravel? By the shipful. Dirt? HA!

Blue sky and a smooth green hill, with a grey path around the hill and some bushes nicely laid out on the ground.
I’m using some fo the gravel to line the muddier paths, and hoping it doesn’t look too out-of-place.

Day 165: Closer than it appears

Day 164:

I went back to my main cave today after spending the morning out in the river gathering sand. I was bored while waiting for the sand to cook down into glass, so I started clearing one of the chambers I’ve been ignoring in my efforts to get to the big mountain.

It was filled with granite, of course.

I’m going to spend tomorrow in the cavern on the way to the big mountain, because that’s my ultimate goal, but it was pretty awesome to find out that there’s something of value still close to home.

Watercolor of a grey room with a giant patch of red granite across the back wall.
When I find granite, I find granite.

Day 164: Shiny

Day 165:

Found some more diamonds, some of the weird sparky red rock, and some gold. This would be cause for celebration if I didn’t hear the weird purple people laughing at me from somewhere inside these caves.

Okay, maybe they’re laughing at each other, but since they keep trying to kill me, it feels like they’re laughing at me.

A black and red rock with red lightning bolts shooting out of it.
One of the sparky red rocks. I wonder if I can drain the power out somehow?