Day 299: false alarm, it’s not quiet anymore

Day 299:

I dug through a wall and met a zombie horde — about ten of them, including the children.

They chased me up a cliff and I destroyed the stone bridge I crossed.

They then spent the next two hours climbing the cliff, attempting to jump across, and falling to their increasing injury.

Once they’d finally all died, skeletons tried the same thing. But skeletons are generally armed with bows and arrows, so I actually had to shoot them to stay safe.

Still, it was very much the opposite of yesterday and I am glad to be alive and back in my cave.

Day 298: Quiet, too quiet

Day 298:

I don’t know why, but I didn’t see a single monster today.

Now, if I spend the entire day in a well-lit chamber with solid doors, that’s not unusual. But I spent the day mining up through twisty curvy areas and big wide areas, and there was nothing. No rock rats, no skeletons, no exploding giraffe-corgis, no zombies.

I’m nervous.

Day 297: Went back for more tools already

Day 297:

I broke all my iron tools already, which tells me something about the oxygen or carbon or something in this last set was way off. It had been really rainy the day I smelted that iron, so maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was something in the ore, I don’t know.

It does mean I get to sleep in my most comfortable bed tonight, though, so I’m excited about that.

Day 296: Still going up to go down

Day 296:

More ore above me so I’m still digging up.  I can hear zombies rolling off the walls and down to smack the ground below.

I wonder if they have some kind of pupal zombie state where they hang from the walls until adults?

Seems dumb, but so does an exploding giraffe-corgi.

Day 295: Splut ka-fizzle

Day 295:

There’s a particularly nice sound when an exploding giraffe-corgi falls from a great height into a pool of lava.

Though I’m glad they don’t explode because I’d probably be burned to death, I’m simultaneously disappointed to not see a lava fireball show.