Day 185: Too many land squid

Day 185:

Spent some time digging, still trying to update my map, but when my last pickaxe broke I headed back home for a few hours.

It was still daylight. Even with the clock I made, I often lose track of the time when I’m down in the mines. I don’t get very hungry unless I’m extra-active, so for all I know I could be spending days down there and not aware of it. Often, when I come home, it’s already dark.

Since it was still light, I brought in the crops and fed the animals tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

While I was out there, darkness fell, and the zombie hordes descended once again. Strangely, they haven’t figured out how to climb fences, so I can stand in the center of my compound and shoot them with my bow and arrow in relative safety, as long as the cows don’t walk in the way.

I cleared out the bulk of the zombies and looked across the valley. It’s a clear night, so I could see almost all the way to the southern entrance and the bridge. And as I looked across, I saw the horror squid marching across the valley. Three of them, each hauling large mounds of earth with them, like demented dung beetles.

Decided that was a good time to double-lock the doors and go to bed.

Day 186: Uniforms of the dead

Day 186:

Was attacked by a zombie out of uniform today. Or maybe in uniform? Instead of the usual horrendous teal-and-purple, this whacko was wearing a beat-to-heck lab coat.

I have no explanation for that.

Other than that, mapping and digging all day. Looking forward to getting to the big mountain somehow.

Day 184: Connecting the dots

Day 184: I’m still trying to fix my maps, and it’s a lot more work than I thought because apparently I have a lot more rooms than I thought I did.

I’ve been hard at work here.

Day 183: Poop

Day 183:

With all these animals you’d think there’d be a heck of a lot of fertilizer around.

They don’t poop.

I’m baffled too.

I, on the other hand, have ver carefully marked my outhouse’s “storage” area on the map so I never ever ever tunnel into it.

Day 182: Ranching

Day 182:

While yesterday I concentrated on plants, today was about the animals. Just enough of them escape my pen on a regular basis that after a certain point they have to be dealt with.

It’s like the duckens and cows are social animals but they don’t like fences. (Can’t say I blame them) so when they get out, the first thing they do is stand next to the fence to get back in.

I don’t like killing my animals, or any animals. (I’m not really minding killing the monsters since that’s more of a kill-or-get-killed). So I try to limit killing duckens and cows to the ones that have escaped the fence and then stand there mooning over it like they’re sorry they ever left. It’s much much easier to kill the ones that escaped than to get them back inside the fence, and it makes it easier to spot incoming monsters when I’m not trying to look through a few tons of cow to do so.

So I’ve got fresh chicken and fresh cow and fresh skins to turn into leather. I’ve got enough feathers to make another bed, and probably enough chicken skins too.

And my back hurts from mining, and the leg a rock fell on the other day (forgot to tell you about that) is still pretty sore, so I’ll probably be indoors a few more days.