Day 166: Landscaping

Day 165:

I’ve been cleaning a lot of the brush and doing a bit of rounding out the hills nearby. It seems spurious work, since it doesn’t put ducken on the table or gold in my pocket, but it’s more of a safety thing. I prefer to be able to see the exploding giraffe-corgis before they get to me.

Plus, the dirt’s a handy thing to have around if I need to protect myself from a significant amount of flooding or something like that. Dirt is surprisingly hard to get underground. Rock? No problem. Gravel? By the shipful. Dirt? HA!

Blue sky and a smooth green hill, with a grey path around the hill and some bushes nicely laid out on the ground.
I’m using some fo the gravel to line the muddier paths, and hoping it doesn’t look too out-of-place.

Day 165: Closer than it appears

Day 164:

I went back to my main cave today after spending the morning out in the river gathering sand. I was bored while waiting for the sand to cook down into glass, so I started clearing one of the chambers I’ve been ignoring in my efforts to get to the big mountain.

It was filled with granite, of course.

I’m going to spend tomorrow in the cavern on the way to the big mountain, because that’s my ultimate goal, but it was pretty awesome to find out that there’s something of value still close to home.

Watercolor of a grey room with a giant patch of red granite across the back wall.
When I find granite, I find granite.

Day 164: Shiny

Day 165:

Found some more diamonds, some of the weird sparky red rock, and some gold. This would be cause for celebration if I didn’t hear the weird purple people laughing at me from somewhere inside these caves.

Okay, maybe they’re laughing at each other, but since they keep trying to kill me, it feels like they’re laughing at me.

A black and red rock with red lightning bolts shooting out of it.
One of the sparky red rocks. I wonder if I can drain the power out somehow?

Day 163: Ceiling Zombies

Day 163:

I’m digging out one of my biggest caverns yet. I’ve found coal, various valuable stones, and lots of zombies. The zombies are climbing down the sides of the ravine I’m in and attacking me from above.

It is not fun to have zombies falling on your head.

I’d rather deal with the duckens from above, to be honest.

Watercolor of two zombies falling from a great height
Falling zombie zone

Day 162: No horses

Day 162:

After what feels like weeks, I returned to my home base to check on my animals and discovered both of my horses are gone. I don’t know how. I don’t know when. Maybe they died and turned to dust like the monsters. Maybe they figured out how to jump the fence. But I’m horseless, that I’m sure of.

I’m not sure if it’s worth capturing more horses. Cows produce milk and taste delicious and make good sized amounts of leather. Duckens produce eggs and taste delicious and make many tiny annoying pieces of leather, but also feathers.  Horses? Well, they yelled at me a lot. And they could drag a heavy load if I needed them to.

For now I’m checking the fences and stocking up on supplies in case it’s weeks before I return again.

Top-down watercolor of two horse-hoof-shaped indents in a green background.
The only hint I found was two hoof-shaped indents in the grass on the other side of the fence.