Day 794:

On the way out this morning I cut through the woods because it was faster, and an exploding giraffe-corgi blew up behind my horse.

One moment I was on a horse, the next, no horse to be found. Vaporized skeleton horse. Gone.

Also, more holes in my road.

The armor on my back protected me from most of the blast but I’m still pretty bruised and I’m not sure all my hearing is back.

Plus it brought every skeleton and zombie in the woods out to check on the problem so I had a heck of a fight on my hands and had to clear that mess up before I could do anything.

Then I spent the rest of the day clearing fallen tree branches and repairing the road and generally being extremely angry at the world.

It feels weird to mourn something that I was hailing as an abomination less than two weeks ago. It feels weird to mourn the undead.

Maybe I’m just better off thinking of myself as “friends with” animals here instead of “owner of”…

…but maybe that would hurt worse.

Anyway, no pictures, because what would I show you? Lack of horse?


Day 753: More pig people zombie things

Day 753:

Got up after a heavy storm overnight to find out there was another group of zombie people pigs in the pond out with the animals.

It was a hard decision between removing the undead from the pond and going after more gold down in the mines. But these zombie pig things are a) not chasing after me and b) armed.

I decided I’d just leave them there and see what happens.

I did find a little more gold ore, but not a lot. At least it means I’m getting closer to the depths where finding diamonds are at least a possibility.

Day 699: taking a rest

Day 699:

I didn’t do much today. I sat on the edge of the little ponds that I dug out the past few days and watched the sun cross the sky. I ate a few sandwiches and did some fishing. I didn’t catch much. I watched the duckens wander around and shot a passing zombie, like you do.

It was a good day off. I should take more of them.

Narbonic Perfect Collection Volume 1, by Shaenon K. Garrity

Narbonic Perfect Collection Volume 1 is the first in a two volume series capturing all of the webcomics in Shaenon K. Garrity’s Narbonic series in print.

Helen Narbon is:

  • A strong female character not afraid to be ruthless or gentle when needed
  • A scientist (okay, a mad scientist) with skills in biology, physics, and many other areas of study</li
  • A loyal friend and occasional mischief maker
  • My personal definition of mad scientist.

Seriously, I imprinted on her like a duckling on a roomba.

Dave Davenport is the actual main character of the Narbonic series, as he is Helen’s sanest henchman (that’s not saying much, the other two are a college student and a gerbil with an IQ of 250) and the progenitor of the plot line. The story starts with Dave becoming Helen’s “IT guy” and proceeds through numerous adventures involving gender swapping, taking over the moon, battling Helen’s mother, taking on the secret society of Daves, and going to Helen’s 10th class reunion.

It’s, um, complicated working for Helen.

But oh heavens do I look up to her.

Day 608: I could probably label every day “more ore” actually

Day 608:

More mining, more ore… the problematic piece of mining like this is that usually I chase the seam and turn that into a chamber, but when I’m building a stairwell the last thing i want to do for efficiency’s sake is start changing the size and placement of the steps. People like them to be consistent, you know? I mean when do you go to a shopping satellite and have all the stairwells out of alignment and one running into an empty wall? Pretty much never, it hinders movement. And it’s fine for chasing ore seams but not for stairwells.

So it’s a lot of backtracking to where I was and where I think I’m going (up). And that makes for long somewhat boring days.