Day 161: To the depths

Day 161:

I’ve finally found rock so dense that no tool I can build can penetrate it.

We see this sometimes – and kiddingly call it “bedrock” because we can’t blast underneath it.

Could the mining laser get through it? Possibly, if one likes swimming in magma. I’m content with letting dense rock lie. Besides, I’m 161 days since I’ve even seen a mining laser.

View of a room, half-mined, with dark patches of stone on the floor.
The dark patches are bedrock.

Day 160: Bling!

Day 160:

Dug up some diamonds today! I’m shocked. This rock doesn’t seem to have enough internal pressure to produce diamond, but diamond it is! Makes me wonder whether the planet was part of a bigger rocky planet and got broken off or something.

Anyway: diamonds! That would be super useful if I could get off this rock in the first place!

line drawing of a white raw diamond on a blue background

Day 159: Rude zombies

Day 159:

They bang all day.  They bang all night. No one has taught these zombies that banging on a door after about the first five minutes is just rude. I mean, there’s a window right there. They can see I’m ignoring them. Stop the danged banging!

On the plus side, they haven’t figured out doorknobs either.

Watercolor - close-up of a zombie pounding on a door right above a doorknob.
I guess I should be grateful.

Day 158: Caves in caves

Day 157:

Some days I could swear this entire planet was hollow. Except for its exploding monster center.

I seem to have come across a race of people dressed in purple who throw things at me. Nasty, high-pitched voice. I’ve written about them before, but they were always far in the distance where I couldn’t see them. Now they’re up close and personal, deep in the cave I’m working in.

And did I mention the throwing? Thin glass bottles, like the ones I’ve pulled from the river, only filled with hideous green liquid that makes my arms and legs go numb wherever it touches. Battle is difficult and I feel nauseous and weak. They seem to be out to kill me (what isn’t?) so despite a few attempts to communicate with them I’ve given up on peace and I don’t hesitate to swing first if I come across them unexpectedly.

I’ve found a lot more gold ore, and after some very painstaking nights have created a relatively reliable pocket watch. It’s big, but then, my pockets are whatever size I want to make them, so I can make it fit. I’m not using it for to-the-minute timing, more like “is it getting close to nighttime?” timing, so it’s perfectly adequate even if I do have to constantly wind it and it’s affected by the changes in temperature between the caves and the upper world pretty badly.

I thought maybe the assholes in purple were after the gold, but they don’t seem to be mining.

Maybe they’re the lost people whose stuff I’ve been pulling out of the river? If they were wearing the same shoes I’d believe so, but I’ve got enough experience with the boots from the river to recognize the assholes in purple are not wearing the same style.

In other words, lots of mysteries today, no answers.

Line drawing of a bald dude wearing what looks like a witch’s hat. His arms are tucked into his sleeves.

Day 157: NO DANGIT

Day 157:

Why, when duckens break into my house, do they all always make a beeline for my bed?


Line drawing of three smug duckens on the bed.