Day 142: So this is my life now

Day 142:

I’m way underground, digging through to what looks like a giant chasm, and I’m attacked by zombies.

Child zombies.

Wielding potatoes.

I had to kill child zombies who were trying to kill me with potatoes today because if I didn’t kill these little six-year-old monsters they would have kept going until they killed me and we all know a six year old has more energy than a nuclear power plant.

I’m not saying I’m the best at what I do. I’m not even saying I’m a good person.

But when a child tries fervently to kill you with a potato, well, you can’t help but doubt whether you look scary enough to protect yourself, you know?

Thinking about making some kind of mask, is what I’m saying. Maybe disguise myself as a cow.

Nobody tries to kill cows with potatoes.

bad sketch of a child zombie with both arms in the air, wielding a potato as a weapon

Day 141: Sunlight

Day 141: I’m digging up through multiple levels of my current location just to get some sunlight in. No matter how diluted, pure sunlight seems to drive away the monsters here faster and more reliably than anything else – even fire.

That means a lot of staring at the map and going “ok where will I not hit a wall as I dig straight up?”

Sketch of the author holding a map inside an underground chamber. There's an overlapping underground chamber directly above the author's head, as she looks up and contemplates digging straight up. Should she do so, she'll dig into the above chamber's wall.
Me, most of the time.

Day 140: Sticks and stones

Day 140:

Belowground, it’s all zombies all the time. At least, in the poorly-lit areas.

Aboveground, it’s skeletons. Their arrows aren’t much out of the stone age, but their sticks and stones can break your bones.

I prefer to break theirs.

Realistically, I’d rather deal with neither

Day 139: Down and out

Day 139:

I’m still digging east, but found a lot of good ore pretty deep in where I was digging.

Because I’m doing a lot of spiral digging down, I often cross over places I already dug out. They’ve been filling with zombies.

I don’t know if there’s some kind of hoard forming or what, but I would like them to stop. I’m running low on arrows.

Watercolor of a wood bed just big enough for a human, with a red chicken leather mattress. The seams between the many chicken skins can be seen.
Oh, hey, did I mention I finally finished my bed?

Day 138: Deep and dark

Day 138:

This chasm that my tunnel came out at on my way east to the big mountain (bigger mountain?) is deep, and at the bottom (or at least as far as I can see) is a load of valuable granite.

Digging down a vertical shaft isn’t nearly as easy as digging across a vein, especially when I lack rocket boots or inertia dampeners.

I’m spending a lot of time making bracing and rope structures for the walls just to try to prevent myself from slipping to my death.

I don’t feel like I’m making much progress, is what I’m saying.

roughly the same line sketch as day 117 except now the ravine has stairs and platforms sketched in between the walls, and an arrow pointing down to let the reader know there's good stuff somewhere down there.
I add the stairs after I get the floor in, for obvious reasons.