Day 77: Reeds

Day 77:

I’m still exhausted from the mining I’ve been doing, and my body’s sending me signals that maybe I should slow down. (Those signals are things like bruises, and aching shoulders, and a smashed toe. Little things.)

I slept half the morning, then got up, checked on the animals, and took a walk.

I found some cane reeds down a ways, in the direction of the mountain. Not a lot of them, but enough that I took some to transplant closer to where I live. With the speed everything grows here, I should know in a couple of days whether the plans will live or die.

The cane smells sweet, so it might be sugar cane. Or it might be ok for making paper from.

I wonder how hard it would be to design a grinding wheel.

line sketch of five bamboo or sugar-cane like plants, with thick segmented stems and a mess of floppy leaves at the top.
They’re tall!