Day 345: electric rock

Day 345:

One of the forms of stone down here is this red ore-like substance that shatters into a powder when I hit it.

And then it tries to electrocute me.

No seriously, it’s like the whole rock is filled with static electricity. Like it’s some kind of naturally-occurring battery. The shocks aren’t big but they’re definitely there.

The only reason I haven’t gotten electrocuted on a regular basis is because I’m wearing leather gloves and using wooden handles on my tools.

(I probably have enough iron ore at this point to make pickaxes out of solid iron, but since I go through pickaxes pretty quickly to begin with, so my iron stores are always in jeopardy,  and now the rocks are trying to electrocute me, I’m sticking with wood.)

I might be able to do something useful with this stuff though, even if it’s a small engine that takes a long time to turn. Or maybe just see if it zaps the zombies for me. More to come when I’m out of the lava lake sauna.