Day 53: Underground and underwater

Day 53:

I’m not confident of where I am now, but I think I may be under the lake. Everything is wet and humid and water is seeping from every crack in every surface.

There are a lot of cracks in every surface.

If it were raining above, I would assume that’s the problem, but it’s not.

There’s also a lot of sand, which is nice because it’s easier to scoop out sand from below than to shovel it while standing in a lake.

I wish I could catch, I don’t know, a hundred eels, so that I could make some kind of waterproof suit.  Or alligators. Of all the things this world doesn’t have that I kind of expected, it’s alligators that are surprising me so far. No lizards at all. Maybe this world never had a reptile phase to its evolution?

Black and white line drawing, bad one, of an alligator with its mouth wide open and a giraffe corgi bent toward the gator menacingly. Labeled "Alligator vs Giraffe Corgi"
The explosion is going to give the gator heartburn is my guess

Day 52: Unnecessary cruelty?

Day 52:

I went out to harvest my carrots and wheat today, and there was a pony-sized spider standing between me and the garden.

I killed it with my sword.

I’m feeling a bit weird about it because, at least during the day, the pony spiders are never aggressive. (Well, except for that one stuck in the cavern that fell on my head. I’m thinking “mitigating circumstances”.

And I don’t much like killing spiders because they get goo (ichor?) all over my sword blade. Granted, it turns to dust and falls off, but I’m still thinking that can’t do anything good for the sword.

If they didn’t try to kill me at night, I’d leave the pony spiders alone. Most days, I do leave them alone. But this one was between me and my food. I try to tell myself that I killed it for threatening my food, but I didn’t. I just killed it for being in my way.

Some days I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Sketch of a pony-sized spider looking cute. It has four red eyes, a large grey body with black spots on it, and black-striped legs. Labeled "Pony spiders are also sometimes cute."
Maybe more cute if their eyes weren’t red

Day 51: Digging up

Day 51:

The cavern I’m following south went deeper than I was expecting, but I found some iron ore. That iron ore led to another cavern behind the one I’d started in. Directions are hard to follow is what I’m saying.

It rained all day aboveground today. My duckens are happy about it but the cows look kind of wet and miserable.

A black and white map of the caverns, side view. Shows that the author would have gone down some steps to the 2nd level, down another set to the 3rd level, down into the 4th level which has no steps, the proceeded backward toward the original point, dug up one level, and found herself in a cavern that was directly below where she started.
Around and around we go


Day 50: Peaceful Mining

Day 50:

I spent all day digging holes. It’s what I’m good at.

I’m tired now.

Black and white line sketch of a flat floor proceeding from the foreground to 2/3 of the way to the back, when the walls start to curve and a number of smaller chambers are visible.
The cavern I’m mining out right now, shaded badly.

Day 49: Sand Mining

Day 49:

The lake at the edge of the southern entrance to my cave house is thick and deep with sand that melts at a nice temperature for making glass.

Technically, making glass is a bit of a luxury when one is stranded on a planet with nothing and no one except what one makes for one’s self. But coddammit, it’s nice to be able to see what’s hunting me from the other side of the walls, and glass blocks, while not easy to make and easy for a giraffe corgi monster to blow up, are still better for seeing out the walls than granite.

So I’ve been digging up bags of sand today to put in my smelter and make glass from. Which means, once again, I’ve spent the day wet from top to bottom.

Bonus: it looks like there’s a cavern under the lake (which makes sense considering that I’ve dug into the roof of one right next to the lake) so one wrong shovel full of sand and I could be washed into a hole.

Watercolor of a lake beach. In the far background, blue sky, then some trees on a grassy area which gives way to a beach ringed with sand, then blue waters of a lake.
It’s not bad as beaches on extremely hostile planets go.