Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek the Next Generation backglass as described in the post

Star Trek the Next Generation, 1993, Williams.

More branded machines! More marketing!

Since it’s an illustration, everyone looks super young and quite fit. From left to right we’ve got Geordi LaForge, Deanna Troi, Jonathan Riker, Data, Beverly Crusher, Jean Luc Picard, and Worf who’s about to fire his phaser at someone. Wow I forgot that phasers were the size of boxy dildos back then.

Behind our heroes we see the Enterprise-D, a Romulan Bird-of-Prey, a Klingon battle cruiser, and the silhouette of a Borg, probably Hugh.

See, I do know some pop culture!

Title Fight

The backglass to Title Fight as described in the post

Title Fight, 1990, a goddamned Gottlieb.

The majority of this backglass is occupied by a bald white boxer with a mustache on the left, and a brown-haired white boxer on the right. They have gloves up to box and there is a point where in the middle of the game you hit the two flipper buttons simultaneously to cause one to punch the other. They look much like paper dolls swinging at each other with hinged shoulders and elbows when they box.

The area around them is all decorated to look like a Greek temple, or possibly the Caesar’s Palace casino. Marble columns separate the boxers from the scantily clad stone women draped on the columns, and the scoreboard is designed to look like carved stone.

At the very top, two large boxing-gloved hands surround the words Title Fight, which is styled like a prize belt, with a world champion metal in the center.

The bulk of the work on this one went into the animatronics and the movement is a unique (and nice) touch to draw folks to the machine.

The Getaway: High Speed 2

The back glass for The Getaway as described in the post

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1994.

So a break to the 1990s now, which means a machine whose backglass looks at least somewhat plausible. This is the sequel to High Speed, yesterday’s post.  That’s right, more illegal car racing.

In the center of the backglass a red — Lamborghini? Ferrari? — generic 80’s sports car drives down the center line of a two lane highway directly at the camera. The black asphalt is impeccable and the road is dead straight. On the left of the backglass we see a steep drop-off and behind it a mountain. On the right of the backglass we see another steep drop off but it’s unclear what may be beyond.

Our view is obstructed by two black helicopters, one on each side, and police cars behind the red sports car. I suspect the main character is in trouble.

The Shadow


Backglass for The Shadow as described in the post.

The Shadow, Midway, 1994.

Another movie tie-in machine, this one features the character of The Shadow in the center holding two pistols, a woman whose maid’s costume is falling off on  the left, and Ghengis Khan reincarnated on the right. Two stone lions guard the lower two corners while two of the movie’s magical ring decorate the upper two corners of the backglass. A full moon and city skyline complete the background. If you’ve seen the movie poster, there are no surprises here, which is of course the point.

The Who’s Tommy: Pinball Wizard

Photo of the Tommy backglass as described in the post.

Tommy, aka The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard, Data East, 1994.

Has the soundtrack you expect.

The musical has generated 10,000 snide comments about pinball players that we could honestly live without. No, I am not a pinball Wizard thank you.

The backglass is pretty much all characters in the musical. Lots of UK flags. Not much to say here.