Slick Chick

Photo of Slick Chick's backglass, as described in the post

Slick Chick, 1963, another goddamned Gottleib.

This backglass hearkens back to a simpler era, one where printing could only really cover about six colors. One where men sang in barbershop quartets while women wore bunny suits that actually covered their hips. Since this machine is a single player, the score reels are in the center. A stage fills the foreground and behind the stage, or I guess in front of it, four men sing in a barbershop quartet  surrounded by tables where people are sitting and potentially eating. Think of any 1940s era musical where someone is singing in a night club.

On the left, a blonde wears a pink sleeveless one piece with deep cleavage that ends in a fur-lined skirt. She also wears a pink hat with bunny ears, and pink heels.

On the right, a woman sitting on a bar stool (on the stage) is wearing a blue sleeveless one piece with almost no cleavage. Hers also ends in a  fur-lined skirt. She wears blue heels and blue bunny ears.

The pink bunny girl is carrying a very old camera. The blue bunny girl is holding nothing. Both seem oblivious to the quartet, who are singing in front of the stage instead of on it. I guess they didn’t want to hit their head on the score reels.

The Who’s Tommy: Pinball Wizard

Photo of the Tommy backglass as described in the post.

Tommy, aka The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard, Data East, 1994.

Has the soundtrack you expect.

The musical has generated 10,000 snide comments about pinball players that we could honestly live without. No, I am not a pinball Wizard thank you.

The backglass is pretty much all characters in the musical. Lots of UK flags. Not much to say here.

Monster Bash

Photo of the Monster Bash backglass as described in the post

Monster Bash, Stern. The original Williams make was from 1998 but they decided to make more of them in 2018. The concept (conceit? Plot?) behind the game is that you activate each of the monsters and then they play musical instruments in a “monster bash”.

So we’ve got Frankenstein as the DJ, Bride of Frankenstein singing, Mummy on base guitar, Werewold on drums, Creature (presumably from the black lagoon) on saxophone and Dracula on guitar. Very loose drawing style. I like it.


Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

Photo of the backglass and topper for Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast as described in the post

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro edition). Stern, 2018. The conceit of this one is that mummies (zombies?) are attacking. But apparently the front mummy is also a cyborg carrying a laser pistol. And the next one back is wielding a guitar, one is dressed as a WW2 fighter pilot, one is in a pharaoh headdress, one is a British soldier….

… and there’s a woman to the right in a slinky dress controlling them via magic and a floating pinball maybe? Oh and a giant devil head in the background to the left.

Music is weird, yo.