A photo of the Seawitch backglass as described in the post

Once again the universe tries to convince me being a witch is the way to go. Seawitch by Stern, 1980.

Two women in skimpy bikinis made of way too much gold ride barracuda-like sea monsters. One carries a bow and the other a pike. A giant human skull cave is in the top right. An assortment of mermaids and skulls adorn the left.


A photo of the Quicksilver backglass as described in the post.

Quicksilver, Stern, 1980.

Ah yes, here we go back to the “was the artist on coke?” era.

A woman with an extremely extended (squid-like) cranium, dressed in an orange jumpsuit that matches her orange skin tone, runs through a very large pile of animated-looking green blobs. Some basketball-sized pinballs appear to be caught in the blobs. The blobs appear to be trying to capture the woman.

Behind them all, the game title displays in illustration-style neon lighting.

The drugs must have been really good back then.

Monster Bash

Photo of the Monster Bash backglass as described in the post

Monster Bash, Stern. The original Williams make was from 1998 but they decided to make more of them in 2018. The concept (conceit? Plot?) behind the game is that you activate each of the monsters and then they play musical instruments in a “monster bash”.

So we’ve got Frankenstein as the DJ, Bride of Frankenstein singing, Mummy on base guitar, Werewold on drums, Creature (presumably from the black lagoon) on saxophone and Dracula on guitar. Very loose drawing style. I like it.



Photo of the Meteor backglass as described in the post

Meteor, 1979, Stern. A “hit drops, bash spinner” game, and one of the pinball machines I learned first. Probably not the inspiration for the movie Armageddon but you wouldn’t know it from the backGlass, where some shiny chrome has been painted over so that every word has a chrome outline. Admittedly the backglass does show a sizable meteor and its friends do appear to be punching holes in Earth’s surface in the background. No clue where the chrome missiles aimed at the meteor are coming from though.

Jurassic Park (Home Edition)

Photo of the Jurassic Park home edition backglass as described in the post

Jurassic Park Home Edition, 2019, Stern. On the left, behind a tree trunk, a tyrannosaurus rex menaces a jeep, center. On the right an extremely tall velociraptor menaces the jeep as well. Lush greenery lines the front lower edge and in the background we see the Jurassic Park gates.

The backbox also has a small LED screen and the word “when dinosaurs ruled the earth” with the Jurassic Park logo on the bottom edge below the speakers.