Day 548: Contemplating boats

Day 548:

While we’re on the subject of transportation, it would be nice to have a boat that would let me move all these supplies around from one location to another without drowning.

Even with the lower density of the stone here as compared to a rocky planet like Old Earth, these ore collections don’t float. And that means a lot of walking around from one bridge to another.

I could build more bridges, I suppose, but I feel like a boat might have more flexibility.

On the other hand, building boats is no piece of cake either and I am not exactly a sailor.

I’m thinking about it, a lot, but haven’t made any decisions yet.

Day 547: chests

Day 547:

I have things stored all over the place, since I figured out how to build relatively stable chest or crate type containers that the monsters can’t get into.

(I wasn’t worried about the monsters so much as the duckens, since they get into everything, but making it monster-proof is a good idea too.)

I like the crates, and I wish that I could figure out a way to make pneumatic tires so I could roll them around the way the mine carts that we had from the company would hover over the ground.

The mine carts I’ve made are nice but they’re soo heavy. Then again, they’re extremely difficult to blow up. That wasn’t even an issue when I was a professional miner instead of a professional survivalist.

Day 546: Darkness

Day 546:

Darkness is still the most dangerous situation on this rock. Whether it’s outside because the sun has gone down or deep in a cave, the worst of the worst things seem to come out of the shadows.

(This does not discount the eight skeletons I shot because they were swimming up the river this morning.)

I got caught outside today after dark, which was scary. I’m still trying not to make my presence super-well-known but if the monsters continue to be horrible I figure the only way to survive will be to light this place up so you can see it from space.

And if The Company objects, well, they’re going to be speaking to my lawyer and my union rep after this either way.

Ugh, I’ve been here so long I’d even welcome both of them and the Company HR rep in for tea.

If I had tea.

Day 545: more mining

Day 545: I’m still trying to clean up this hillside because at this point I’ve made a giant mess of it…. and based on the amount of good ore inside I might continue to make a mess of it for a while.

And then I have to get back to what I was doing heading toward the mountain.

My anvil is finished, which is good, and I found a place to stash the extra carrots so I don’t have to look at them for a while, which is even better.

The anvil is taking its time cooling, and since it’s in the same room as my bed, it’s nice and toasty in here at night;  I’m enjoying it.

Day 544: carrots

Day 544:

It takes a while to heat enough iron to forge a new anvil, so while the forges were working I did some gardening and animal husbandry and such. And now I have too many carrots. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them — eat them I guess — but I’m a bit tired of carrots.

Like, when I’m finally out of here it might be decades before I eat a carrot again.

In the meantime, guess I’d better get crunching.

I wish I had some way to build, like, a composter or something.