Day 232: Quiet and wet

Day 232:

Not much to report today. Harvested sand, hauled sand home, drained sand, melted sand, dried off next to the furnace.

Found some good supplies of clay. I’ve been making bricks but i haven’t decided what to use them for yet. Maybe I’ll build a castle. (A castle made of brick is doomed around these exploding jerks, but hey, a woman can dream.)

The pig seems happy. He grunts outside the back door and occasionally I give him carrots.

Killed three zombies and two skeletons today. Low total but they were busy setting themselves on fire for coming out between the trees, so it was hard to get a clean shot before they died on their own anyway.

Feels like a Tuesday. No idea if it is, but that’s what it feels like.

Day 231: I caught the pig!

Day 231: I caught the pig! It’s in my back yard right now!

I was eating a carrot at lunch, between sand-gathering dives, and the pig walked right up to me as if to say, “Hello, human, may I partake of your carrot?”

So of course I lured it right into my fenced in yard with the carrot… and yes, I also gave it a carrot, which made it grunt happily.

It grunts a lot and seems to be able to balance on the top of the fence using its head, which is a bit disturbing. But I’m pretty sure it can’t escape.

I’m dreaming of bacon and pork chops and more bacon and pork tenderloin…

and then I’m realizing this pig weighs a fat ton and should I decide to butcher it, I’m going to be carrying a lot of pig up and down the steps into the cold cellar below my main living space.

Plus, the pig is kind of cute and if I’m not careful I’m going to name it and then I won’t want to eat it anymore.

Sand harvesting continue apace.

Day 230: Definitely a pig

Day 230:

While wandering a nearby island to the north, I came across another pig. And this time I’m sure, this is an honest-to-cod actual pig, with curly tail and oinking and the whole bit.

Which only strengthens my belief, by the way, that this whole planetoid is nothing but a failed and abandoned terraforming site because I have pigs but no butterflies and only an idiot would try to terraform a planet with no pollinators.

Even I, a girl whose family hails from the sticks of Old Earth, know you need pollinators to survive.

Anyway, now I’m trying to figure out how I can lure the pig into my fenced-in field. Because pigs are smart and big and good eating. Probably easier to harness a pig on this danged rock than a horse.

Oh and I got a few loads of sand in and I’m freezing cold, but the furnace is roasting the glass and rapidly drying my soaked clothes, so that’s a good end to the day. Having roast fish and carrot sliders for dinner tonight.

Day 229: dammit, out of sand again

Day 229:

I’m out of sand again, which means I’m almost out of glass again, which means it’s harder to see what’s ahead and above and below.

(I use glass panels to put skylights in so that I get some actual sunlight… but the best way to do that is to put them into every level so the sunlight still penetrates the lowest levels… but that means a lot of glass.)

(Also in this whacko place glass blocks both water and lava very effectively, so I use it to prevent floods of both types.)

So it looks like I’m spending a few days topside trying to figure out where to find good sand, then spending a few more days soaked while I harvest the sand, then spending a few more days trying to dry out in my cave while the furnaces roar.

Guess I’d better make sure my fishing line is untangled.

Day 228: climbing up some more

Day 228:

I added a staircase to the chamber I was in and went up a level, since I’m in a chasm anyway, and the ceiling-now-floor was easy to navigate.

Lots of dangerous things about and the chasm ceiling is waaaaaay above me. But that makes it even easier to justify “digging” up, because mostly I’m just adding struts and some solid protection so I can attempt to reach the surface.

I mean, sure, I could just build a giant staircase up the side of the wall, but I’m really good at falling off staircases, and monsters are really good at falling on me, so that’s not really a good answer.

Anyway, digging up, heading for the mountains. More to come.