Day 245: now I’m totally off-track

Day 245: I’m clearing a path to the east so I can tempt sheep to come live in my pen.

I might need a new sheep pen just for the occasion.

But in the meantime I’ve  found a sand bar, so I’m stocking up on sand because my glass stores are starting to get perilously low again, and it’s hard to recycle glass  I’m still using.

Day 244: Guarding things

Day 244:

Spent the whole night shooting various monsters that were swarming around my pigs. I don’t know if that’s how I lost my last pig but I’m not taking any chances.

Also, I’m up to like five pigs now because pigs like making more pigs.

As I’ve mentioned before, these animals don’t appear to poop. While they can certainly get their stink on all by themselves when they want to, it’s actually pretty rare that they do… so compared to an Earth or Mars farm filled with chickens, cows, and pigs, it’s pretty tame. Thank goodness.

The zombies still stink though.

I wish the exploding giraffe-corgis stank; they wouldn’t sneak up on me as much.

Day 243: To the west!

Day 243:

The last time I had headed west I’d spotted a sheep. This time I spotted an entire flock of sheep, some of them white and others black. (And another pig!) I also spotted three humungous red mushrooms, another punk-ass zombie kid, and a very tall mountain.

I climbed the mountain and can safely say there is no sign of civilization in any direction from that peak.

But that being said I’d walked far enough that it was difficult to see my own place, much less anything to its east, so there’s still hope to the east and south.

Then again, I was out here to find horses. I found no horses. I found snow and proof that my gold boots do not protect against minor frostbite.

So I guess maybe it’s time to capture some sheep so I can make wool socks.

None of this is solving the horse problem.

Day 242: Piglet!

Day 242:

I managed to capture not one, but two pigs. Which is good because apparently sometime while I was away my previous pig died or was eaten or escaped or something. (It’s really hard to tell when animals don’t leave bodies behind what happened to them.)

Anyway, pigs like carrots.

Two pigs like carrots enough to start makin’ bacon right after they’re fed.

So now I have two adult pigs and a piglet.

If I hang around topside for a few days I could have a whole… what’s the collective noun for pigs? sausage factory?… of pigs.

That might be worth it, especially if it means I get up early, feed the pigs, then head out east to find a horse.

Day 241: Pig hunting gone off course

Day 241:

I decided the best way to get the pig was to build a bridge to the chunk of ground where I last saw the pig.

The only problem with that plan was that by the time I finished building the bridge, it was dark, and that meant I was chased all the way home by the zombie horde.

They smell awful, you know. In my spare time I’m going to develop zombie deodorant that can be applied long-distance.