Day 818: A picture of my maps

Day 818:

It just occurred to me that I could take a picture of the maps I’ve drawn.

Six frames in two rows of three. From top left, empty, half-filled, empty. Second row, filled, filled, filled.

  • So in the top left is a frame for a map I haven’t drawn yet.
  • Top center is a partial map I started, but I decided to dig to the east instead.
  • Top right is another empty frame for a map I haven’t drawn yet. I’m pretty sure that’s where the village that I’ve spotted is.
  • Bottom right is where I’m building now. I don’t think you can see the dot for my easternmost entrance very well. But you can see that I’m smoothing the mountains and then to the east of the mountains is a swamp.
  • In the center is my main land, the area where I started. (Technically, the top left corner of the center square is where I started.) You can see the roads I’ve built and almost make out the ranch area.
  • Bottom left is the westernmost area, which is mostly forested, although there’s some swamp all the way in the top western corner.