Day 266: Fishing

Day 266:

Fishing: it’s easy on the brain pan. Which is to say I’ve found a nice sunny spot along the water where I can fish and not get snuck up on by monsters or anything else. (Occasionally a ducken swings by to say hello.)

The problem is that it is sunny with a capital sunburn so at the moment I’m wearing the same heavy armor I wear down in the caves, to protect myself. I don’t have anything else with long sleeves and a lid. And that means I’m not, because armor is not designed for fishing in the sun.

So I’m contemplating how one would make a cotton fiber kind of stuff from the wheat we have here, and not succeeding.

But I have lots of time to think about it, because I’m fishing.

Day 265: meat

Day 265:

I’m not hungry, at all, but I’m forcing myself to eat. I know things like proteins and fats and vegetables are required to heal.

But I’m also a bit low on ducken, having gotten down (finally!) to the last of the smoked ducken I had stored up from the last time I made a mattress.

I’m thinking maybe a few days of fishing are in order.

Day 264: Boom goes the skull

Day 264:

I fell off an edge and hit my head on the floor below. Then a giraffe-corgi walked up and exploded.

I don’t know how I lived, and I don’t want to know to be honest. I probably should’ve died. But here I am. I can only hope it’s the helmet that saved me.

So I’m staying at home and sleeping off the worst headache of my life (since the last one) and hoping that if I do have something like a fractured skull I’m able to sleep it off.

Day 263: Still somewhat irrational anger

Day 263:

I’m still mad at this ore for going on seemingly forever, especially since it’s led me into that deep chasm I talked about earlier. (Yes, apparently I’ve dug down far enough it’s no longer a giant deadly hole from my current position.)

The chasm has, by my count, three waterfalls and two lava falls in the immediate area. So there’s just death sources everywhere, and that’s not even counting the zombies and scary purple-dressed people and the exploding giraffe corgis that are trying to scale the walls of the cavern to get to me.

By the way? Climbing down my stairs to explode on my head while I’m hiding my mack under the stairs is NOT COOL.

Anyway, I’m also mad at the bats.

It’s not a shock that we have bats in caverns this size. (It is a shock that I’m not hip-deep in bat guano but I think I already discussed the fact that nothing here appears to poop except me.)

The bats look (from a distance) like Earth bats, but they act like Earth moths. They gather around light sources and fly near them…. so when there’s a lava fall glowing the full length of the 80 or so meters from its outlet point in the chasm wall to the chasm floor, bats come from all around to fly around it and circle it, and then accidentally catch fire and die.

Now, I’m not sure if they’re actually mammals, if for no other reason than the “lack of poop” thing, but because Earth bats are mammals, I’ve always had a bit of a fondness for them. I mean, you don’t see many mammals deep in caves unless they got lost.

So it’s heartbreaking to watch these stupid bats fly into the stupid lava fall over and over and over.

And it’s also a little dangerous when they fly around on fire, I have to say.

But the most heartbreaking part of all is that they send out this loud squeaking sound while they die, as if they were Earth bats or very loud mice or something… and it hurts every time I hear it.

So now I stand in chasms and yell at bats to stay away from the lava while scary people in purple outfits hone in on the sound of my outrage and throw poisonous liquids at me from the walls of tall chasms.

Which is why I think today must be a Monday.

Day 262: Irrational Anger

Day 262:

Still following this vein of ore. Still digging down.

Have you ever been irrationally angry at rock? Like just furiously, axe-breakingly angry? All I want is for this vein to finish so I can go back to the top and start digging up again, but no… no we’re going to just keep going down until there is no down any more and I come out the other side of this forsaken ball of dirt.

I. am.  so. angry!