Day 253: Digging

Day 253:

Found a vein of granite in the cave I’m not supposed to be mining. Good quality stuff, worth a fortune in the open market.

Also, the pig has decided it likes the storage level where all the furnaces are better than sleeping in my bed. Possibly it didn’t like how cramped things were getting either. Possibly it likes being warm. Either way, I figure I’ll let it go until I want to breed it, then I’ll lure it back outside.

I hope it still fits through the door at that point.

Breaking a lot of tools digging sand, which is annoying. I’m blaming the seam between the handles and the blades,  since that’s currently the weakest point in my shovels. Still haven’t found a solution.

There have been a lot of squid swimming around me while I mine the sand. When they die (I’m not the one killing them) their bodies leave behind an ink sack. I’m wondering if I can use it to disguise myself from the monsters at night.

Day 252: Earthworks

Day 252:

OK, so, like I said a few days ago, found a huge cache of sand and clay on my way back to where I’d seen the sheep.

So of course, since I was running a bit low on glass, and because I now have this brilliant idea of distracting myself from the sorrows of being the only human on a deadly rock in the middle of nowhere, I decided that before I find the sheep (who they themselves were a distraction from the need for horses, which was a distraction from climbing a nearby mountain) I needed to dig out the sand.

And that’s when I found the new cave structure.

The problem is it’s covered with a very thin roof of soil, such that if I didn’t know it was there and something nearby randomly exploded, I could end up falling in a deep hole.

(Also there’s some pretty valuable looking ore in there.

So I’m distracted again, and the only thing that might save me this time is if I happen to find a population of mole people or something in the caves.

At least there’s less chance of sunburn in there.

Day 251: Bricks and pigs

Day 251:

First, a pig update: a full-grown pig and I don’t fit in the same bed at the same time. So far, I am winning the bed battle, but this isn’t looking good for me.

Second, I have now stockpiled a large number of bricks with no idea what to do with them.

Which, since the mind is a wonderful thing, makes me now think I should build the pigs a barn out of brick like something out of an ancient nursery rhyme.

Not that we have a large wolf problem here.

On the other hand, the original writers didn’t have exploding giraffe-corgis or they may have been writing quite a different story themselves.

Hmm, something to think about.

Right now I need to persuade the bacon to get out of my bed so I can sleep and continue looking for horses (and sheep).

Somehow something these past few weeks has gone horribly off-course, but on the other hand, I’m healthy and happy so I’m going to leave it like this for now.

Day 250: More pig

Day 250:

Turns out the pig and I both fit in the bed, and it’s quite warm. OK pig, you can stay for now.

But I’m not naming you.

Meanwhile, the water in the bay-ish are to my north seems to be clearer than usual, which means I’m getting sand and clay out I’d never been able to see before. It still doesn’t explain why some of the sand and clay has started to float, but the floating part does sort of help harvesting it easier, so I’m not sure this is a complaint so much as confusion on why things change.

The pig is currently rooting around in my chambers. I gave it a potato and it ate that, so it doesn’t seem to be hungry, just curious. It’s a bit like having a dog, only without the zoomies and the barking.

Day 249: Pig in my bed

Day 249:

Went out and did some farming today, because bringing in crops is usually a good idea if one wants to eat something other than just straight fish.

I’m still a bit tired of ducken and fish. I don’t eat much beef because the cows aren’t particularly easy to process. I’m looking forward to some pork, but since the first pig I did disappeared under mysterious circumstances, I don’t want to necessarily eat the pigs until there’s enough of them that I won’t have to worry if a few disappear.

Unfortunately, one of the pigs got into my cave today. So now there’s a sizable pig sleeping on my bed.

That’s not exactly useful. I’d like to sleep on my bed, but this pig is slightly smaller and slightly heavier than me. I don’t want to kill it but I don’t know how to get it off my bed. I offered it a potato and it totally ignored me.

I’ve been here somewhere over seven months and every day or so I think to myself that things couldn’t get any weirder, but this world does like to prove me wrong.