Day 1: Landing

Day 1:

I woke up just off the beach on Serendipity, a bit south of where the original drop had been planned. Things have obviously gone wrong, but what exactly I don’t know, as I’ve got no suit, no transmitter, and only the clothes that I had when I reported for medical clearance before the drop.

Well, and this notebook, obviously. It’s supposed to be used to log rock and mineral formations, drawn maps, general spelunking safety stuff, but I think this qualifies as a safety emergency.

I was supposed to transport with a team of six others, including a medic. I am alone. I was supposed to be dropped at a deep ravine. I’m on a hilly beach next to what appears to be an ocean, but surrounded by fields.

I’m not even sure I’m on Serendipity, to be totally honest. I’m just a rookie, and without my transmitter or computer, I could be anywhere.

The Company provided extensive survival training, so I’m not dead yet. I found a storage box of supplies: some wood, an axe, a pickaxe, fish, bread, and an apple. I’m not sure if it’s from  the ship, or something that someone here on the planet left behind. I did some light exploring.

I’ve spotted some horses and some chickens (ducks? they like swimming but sound like chickens), and cows, but nothing resembling civilization.

The plants here are amazing – mushrooms the size of maple trees, oaks four times as big around as me.

I found a small underground cave full of freshwater to spend the night in. It’s damp and uncomfortable  sleeping on the ground, but better than being out in the open.

At least this place seems friendly.

Map of where I've landed on what I'm assuming is Serendipity
Map of where I’ve landed on what I’m assuming is Serendipity