Day 76: Hauling

Day 76:

We’ll call it Day 76 anyway. To be honest, the days here are so short I still haven’t adjusted to them, and since I spend a lot of time underground I can’t be sure that it’s been only one day since the last time I wrote.

I’ve mined a lot of ore and quality stone since the last time I wrote. I’m hungry. I’m covered in dirt. I’m listening to zombies growl above my head and spiders whistle in various places. I’m really really happy. This much granite in this condition could get me a ship of my own! Even just my cut could get me a ship of my own!

I’m not sure what I’d do with all this wealth, to be honest. I’m considering how to secure it above and beyond what I’ve been doing so far. I mean, sure, keeping the zombies out of my supplies is important, but I hadn’t really considered what would happen if someone other than The Company showed up to mine here. We’re not exactly the only company that mines deep space. If someone else decides to land here, I’ve made it  whole lot easier for them to take my stuff without payment.

Ugh! I just want off this rock securely! And I’m working with literally iron-age supplies: no engines, no gunpowder…

Wait. I might be able to make bombs out of the explosive powder the giraffe corgis leave behind when they die.

Too many things to think about. Empty stomach. I should go eat something and sleep.

Watercolor of a wooden bowl filled with carrot soup and a piece of roasted white fish.
Breakfast, or dinner, or whatever you want to call it. It’s food!