Day 89: Framework

Day 89:

I have a solid bridge framework built across the river now.

First, I had to pile up some dirt and stone on my side of the river, because the bank on my side was almost a full meter lower than the bank on the other side. Fortunately, since I’ve been mining all the time to get here, dirt is not something I’m short on.

Then I cut down one of the dark oak trees that was on my side of the river. It was huuuuge, and with a little planning and a duckton of luck, I managed to get it to fall across the river bed. With a little help from Stupid, we dragged it into position on this side and then I spent the rest of the day hacking it in half.

As soon as I crossed the river I literally tripped over a piece of iron ore. If it’s this prevalent in the mountain, I won’t be hurting for tools any time soon.

The mountain is steep. I didn’t realize how steep until I got here. Now I have to figure out how to handle climbing it. Dig into the sides? Build stairs? So many options, all of them visible to the rest of the world.

And anything I do to make it easier to climb the mountain makes it easier for zombies to climb the mountain, so that’s not overly helpful.

But climb the mountain I will. I’m most of the way done a bridge. Not-climbing the mountain at this point would be silly.

Sketch of the river, like yesterday's sketch, only this time the sand is gone and a bridge (one wood plank) stretches across the banks. The trees are gone too.