Day 88: Wet and sandy

Day 88:

Most of the riverbed was sand. The current’s not fast, but it ‘s not something I want to have to swim across constantly either. Plus, should I spot a town on the other side (which is what I’m hoping for), I’ll need a way to get Stupid across.

So the sand needs to be dealt with, and that means removing it as much as possible and getting to the bedrock below it. That’s not too much of a challenge – I’ve gotten pretty good at mining sand out of the water near my home base – but since there are trees all around, it’s harder to stay warm in the water than when the sun’s beating on me relentlessly.

Anyway, found some bedrock, so now I can build up from there and have a slightly more stable bridge.

Sketch of the riverbed. Tree on the left, river in the middle, thick sand under the river, tree on the right.