Day 123: Gold boots

Day 123:

I was jumped by some zombies when I went outside to feed the duckens. Not sure where they got them, but one of the zombies was wearing gold boots.

Gold boots don’t even make sense, really. Gold is such a soft metal that they scratch like the dickens, and the hinges to keep the bits together have a lot of wear on them. I don’t even think they’re worth the gold they’re made out of.

But they sort of fit, so I’ll probably keep them around until I decide whether or not to melt them down. I don’t really want to because if I try to melt down the gold, there’s going to be a lot of impurities and I’m not sure I want to get the furnace hot enough to burn those off.

On the other hand, the gold I dug up wasn’t much purer, so maybe if I melt it all at once I’ll get something worthwhile.

Watercolor of two gold boots, viewed at ankle height from the front.
They’re sort of hinged just behind the toe box and at the ankle.