Day 124: getting back into the swing of the pickaxe

Day 124:

I’m finally starting to feel good enough to mine again, but the walk from the east entrance and back with all that stone is still pretty intense.

I’m mining a ravine nearby instead. It’s a little dangerous because the ravine runs between the ocean and the lake, and one wrong strike against a wall could bring the waters together, and me stuck in a cave below them.

Even if I wasn’t facing imminent death, it’s a major breach of mining ethics to dump an ocean into a lake. That’s how you wreck an ecosystem, right there.

Anyway, I’m hauling a lot of fill stone and gravel into the ravine to strengthen it. In some small ways I’m probably wrecking a caving system in the process, but compared to the damage that ocean could do to that lake’s freshwater fish population, I’ll take my chances.

water color map of a lake on the left, an ocean on the right, and a dark grey section in the narrowest area between the two bodies of water representing the ravine. all else is green grass.
takes a lot of gravel to fill a ravine this deep. fortunately, spare gravel is something i have plenty of.