How is it the 26th already?

For those keeping track at home, I am totally not going to win NaNoWriMo this year.  There are a lot of reasons, from a trip to Las Vegas for work (it was no fun, I assure you, I’d’ve rather been writing) to a trip to North Carolina (ok that was for pinball and it was fun even if I sucked), to a hospital stay for my husband and a month that just seemed to get away from me.

But I do have the bones of a short story from it, even if it’s not what I expected to be writing, so there’s that.

Writing is important to me but it’s also something I have to work on to do… I imagine a lot of people are like that. Ironically for as much as I hate airports I write really really well on airplanes (because really, what else is there to do?) so if this story hasn’t come to fruition by February I’m flying then…

There is no hobby that doesn’t seem like work sometimes, but the rest of my hobbies don’t wake me up at night going “quick, write this down!”