Day 339: Fencing

Day 339:

Since I cut down those trees I figured now was a good time to extend out the cropland where I’m growing potatoes, carrots, and wheat. (I miss corn.)

To be honest, this isn’t just because I wanted to bring in more wheat to breed more cows. It’s mostly because a blasted exploding giraffe-corgi blew a hole in my fence (the size of a crater, I might add) and I figured if I’m going to make fence posts, I might as well put my back into it and make enough to give myself some more space.

If it’s not obvious, I’ve pretty much given up on someone spotting my space here and ratting me out to The Company.

In fact, it’s tempting to write “Save me!” in big letters using brick or something to see if someone somewhere will come down here.

Otherwise I might be floating on this rock forever.

Anyway, back to the fencing – it’s generally easy to make since the wood here splits so amazingly straight. I made a chisel so that it can be a rail fence because they seem to keep the zombies out better than just piling wood around does. (Shocker I know.)

Now I need to dig some irrigation ditches and plant some plants.

I found something that looks like a pumpkin a while back and might try to plant it. I’m not a big fan of squash as food, but it’s been so long since I saw something orange that wasn’t a carrot that it’ll probably be delicious just because it’s different.