Day 452: cleaning up my messes

Day 452:

Today’s been a day of seeing where I left off on things… particularly on things like “did I ever smoke that fish?” and “Where does this passage go?” and “Why didn’t I build more doors?!”

In other words, I discovered that past me has left things a mess at this end of the caverns in attempt to get wool socks and now that I need diamonds to get the wool socks I’m giving myself a  stern talking-to.

Lots of lifting stone into place for floors and ceilings leads to painful backs and  strained necks. I’ve tried making my armor a little more supportive but so far my choices seem to be armor that it’s easy to maneuver in or armor that keeps my back from collapsing.

Good to see nothing has changed over thousands of years… well, except for the mag belts and inertial dampeners I don’t have access to anymore.