Day 453: Amazing silence

Day 453:

My “friends” the exploding giraffe-corgi have been giving me a wide berth as of late, and I’m assuming it’s due to the slimes. Maybe they don’t get along. Maybe slime puts out explosions. Maybe giant gelatinous jumping cubes just don’t like to get bits of exploding giraffe-corgis in their… torsos?

Anyway, I didn’t see a single slime today but I did see a herd (flock? pack?) of exploding giraffe-corgis instead.

I managed to dispatch all of them without a single explosion, possibly because they were so far away they couldn’t get to me in time.

I’m kind of proud of my arrow-making (fletching? I think it was called fletching) abilities… my arrows are flying further and with more power. (The power might be the bow.) Can’t say I ever thought I’d be a fletcher, but one becomes what one needs, I suppose.

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