Day 458: another day on the farm

Day 458:

Woke up early due to Idiot raising a ruckus. I’m not used to having an alarm clock of any kind, much less an egg-laying ducken tap-dancing on my head, so Idiot almost became Idiot Fricassee for breakfast, but I was also too tired to slaughter a ducken this morning.

The problem, I learned, was that one of the cows was leaning up against my window and staring inside.

I tried to explain to Idiot that cows are just like that, but he’s called Idiot for a reason.

Spent the rest of the day digging sand and hauling it back to my base. Think I’ll go underground again tomorrow. I’m feeling a bit better about my supplies and I want to see if I can shake this bird off again down in the caverns.