Day 464: digging patterns

Day 464:

Sometimes I dig straight ahead and only veer off for the occasional seam of interesting-looking ore.

Sometimes I veer off for every interesting-looking seam of ore. I have to admit I’ve been doing that more here than in any other mining job I’ve had.

What I’m doing right now, while I’m looking for diamonds, is following every seam of ore, but in a very specific way… I follow them out as far away from me as they go, and then I dig each one in order back toward me, so that eventually I’ll be back where I started.

Granted, I’ll be back where I started with a whole bunch of giant caverns to fall into, but hopefully I’ll have more diamonds.

I’ve got a little more than 64 reasonable sized pieces now, and when I hit 100, I’ve decided I’m going to make myself a pickaxe out of some of the bigger pieces. I think I’ll be able to dig toward the sheep faster that way.