Day 465: diamond tools, I’m torn

Day 465:

Diamonds are so hard to get that I hate to use them for anything other than defense… they make great armor for reasons that defy any kind of common sense, and I’d hate to lose the opportunity to protect my fragile skull because I decided I wanted a fancier axe.

On the other hand, I tried sharpening one and wow, serious strength and serious sharpness. (Also serious work! I could only use diamond to work diamond, obviously, so there was a long “smacking two rocks together” stage until I got something workable.)

So this could seriously speed up my progress toward the sheep. Or it could turn out that it’s really fragile and it breaks on the first try and I waste diamond that would’ve made a nice hat.

I’m probably not leaving in the next 24 hours though, so the risk may be worth it.