Day 500: perpetual motion

Day 500:

Earthwork on one end. Then three lengths of red-torch-powered golden rail. Then some regular rail, from here to the southern door (all of this being outdoors). Then some red-torch-powered golden rail again so that there’s power to send the cart back, and some more earthwork to keep the cart from flying off the rail at the other end.

Should be all set, right?

Well, upon applying cart to rail, the power worked — and the cart took off without me. It made it all the way to the other door, which was fantastic!  Except I wasn’t in it and now it was traveling far away from me and that was not the point of the exercise.

Then it bounced off the earthwork at the other end, hit the powered rail again, and sailed back to me… but before I could get in or stop it, it bounced off the earthwork, hit the powered rail again, and took off again.

By the time it was on its third trip I had un-powered the rail.

Back to the drawing board.