A Working Dog / What I Published in 2020

My ‘list of what I published this year” and my “most recent publication” list happen to be identical, so…

“A Working Dog”,  published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact  in the January/February 2021 issue (which came out in December 2020).

Megan had programmed the autonomous collective units to used bird flock dynamics. She’d intended to keep the rabbits from get- ting destroyed by coyotes or cats without in- juring whatever wildlife was in the area.

The rabbits danced. They weaved together in complex patterns, broke apart in two or three groups, came back together, and sepa- rated again. They flowed like a liquid.

Keith ran after them, following program- ming of his own.

A feral cat or a coyote would’ve quit when it got tired. They had the sense to know that burning too much energy on a failed kill left nothing for the next attempt.

Keith was not that kind of hunter.

Other stuff

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