Day 815: A view north

Day 815:

I really enjoy using this magic picture crystal thing for some of the landscapes here because they really are quite fantastic. Like today, I was south of the easternmost entrance and could see across the meadows down on my entrance and across the mountains.

When I dug the easternmost entrance it felt like I was digging up forever and that I was bound to dig out at the top of the world. Now I’m looking down on that building as if it were at sea level. (It definitely is not.)

The sky is beautiful and the grass looks soft and inviting. A huge mountain looms in the distance, which I’m sure I’ll get to eventually.

A view to the north. To the left, a stone building is nestled among the trees. Center, a meadow at the top of a cliff, and more mountains in the background. Top right, a huge mountain. Right, more cliffs and trees.